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Driving Drowsy

Having struggled with insomnia for the past five or six months, I can attest to how a lack of sleep can take a toll on your life. Sleeping pills, chamomile tea, hot showers along with all the other passé remedies are hopeful possibilities. For me, I just ended up staring at the ceiling at 2:00 AM and waking up exhausted when the alarm clock went off.

My latest stroke of genius was born out of desperation for a good night’s sleep: I decided to take two Ambien sleeping pills instead of the prescribed half pill or a single pill dosage. Hey, I’m a big guy; my body needs a double dose, right!

My wife has the memory forever at her immediate recall for family and friends where she found me moving furniture at midnight in our sitting room. The story continues with my slippers on the wrong feet while I was talking to someone in an empty room and wearing my gym shorts with both legs through a single leg opening. I think there’s a piece of that story with a little embellishment but I wouldn't know because I was catatonic at the time!

In all seriousness, a lack of sleep can be very problematic to your health, your relationships and worse, your or someone else’s life while you are driving without proper sleep. PBI has a fleet of vehicles from large trucks and vans to pickups and sedans. Any insurance broker will tell you, even with the hazardous materials and hazardous jobs we work on, our vehicles are the biggest insurance risk to the company by a long shot.

We struggle to make sure our crews don’t work too many hours where they are putting themselves at risk for driving drowsy. For the health and safety of your employees, your company and everyone else on the road, please take a moment to get the facts:

My middle-of-the-night struggles may be amusing, but having overextended employees behind the wheel is not.

Michael Popowski is President of PBI Restorations.  Contact him at