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The Winter That Wasn’t?

Saying this out loud is like reminding a pitcher that he has a no-hitter going, but … it’s been a pretty mild winter so far. Plenty of rain, some very windy days, but little of the dreaded snow and ice.

Will it continue? One of the weather websites now offers a 90-day forecast … I know, it’s kind of funny that they’re projecting three months when they struggle to get tomorrow’s forecast right, but there it is. And the 90-day forecast is missing something: the word “snow.” Really. It doesn’t appear at all, straight through March (be advised, however, of a chance of ice on March 4th).

For a facility manager, this potentially means some good things like no prolonged stretches of frozen-pipe weather and snow-removal budgets that come in under target. What it doesn’t mean, though, is that you can just relax. Rain and wind can be every bit as destructive and, well, see above about the accuracy of forecasts.

Over the past two weeks alone we’ve had two days where the forecast called for “showers.” The result: a total of almost an inch and a half of rain, some localized flooding and plenty of accidents.

The trouble is that when bad weather happens, it doesn’t just happen to you. It happens to everyone, and everyone needs help at once. And that’s when companies like ours have to make some difficult choices with limited manpower and resources.

That’s why we encourage you to look into a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The restoration equivalent of a FastPass at Disney World, an SLA puts you at the front of the line when a widespread disaster happens, so you can get the priority service your employees and tenants need. As we’ve seen over the past few years in the mid-Atlantic, weather disasters happen at all times of year. An SLA can be a vital investment for the well-being of your business.

Remember, “no shovels” doesn’t necessarily translate to “no troubles.” Be prepared, even if Old Man Winter takes a year off.

Mike Popowski is President of PBI Restorations. Reach him at