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When Every Minute Counts

When a commercial building is physically damaged in any way that causes the space to be unusable, our job here at PBI is the get the facility back up and running as quickly as possible. Our motto is “When Every Minute Counts,” and our clients expect that type of response around the clock.

Unfortunately, as much as we aspire to immediate response times, our success is impacted by factors beyond our control, especially traffic: Washington, D.C. tops all U.S. cities as the worst place for traffic congestion. According to a 2015 study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, DC commuters face around 82 hours of delays each year.

Poor planning and a lack of roads are the most consistent and biggest issues drivers face in major metropolitan cities, according to the study. Since 1982, the report shows the number of hours lost to traffic delays in U.S. cities has doubled.

The American Highway Users Alliance study says “the impacts of constant and crushing traffic delays have significant implications” on the productivity and health of drivers who contend with them. For us, the impact is more direct: in many cases we simply cannot respond to emergencies as quickly as we would like.

Even worse, the Capital Beltway also has some of the worst bottleneck locations in the country. Specifically the interchange at I-495 and I-270 in Montgomery County, the interchange at I-495 and I-95 in Prince George’s County and the Springfield, Virginia interchange – the dreaded “mixing bowl” – where I-395, I-95 and I-495 meet.

In Northern Virginia alone, more than 4,000 hours a day are wasted when drivers need to go through just that one bottleneck area. Can you imagine the daily costs to this country in wasted fuel, costs to businesses and unproductive hours spent behind the wheel?

Those traffic delays don’t sit very well with our clients when they need help right now and a simple fender bender on the 495 beltway just added two hours to the response time. And unfortunately, the DC traffic problem will only get far worse before it gets better. 

So what’s the solution? To help combat traffic problems, PBI has added an additional office in Herndon, Virginia for the sole purpose of servicing the Northern Virginia market more efficiently. In tandem with our existing office on the east side in Maryland, the additional west-side location in Northern Virginia will help us to respond more effectively by having our resources ready to deploy from a place much closer to the affected areas.

And that will help us to better live up to that motto of “When Every Minute Counts.” 

Mike Popowski is President of PBI Restorations. Reach him at