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The Untold Story

PBI Technicians handle some of the nastiest situations for our commercial clients on an ongoing basis, from massive infestations of bed bugs, sewage losses, severe fires, death or crime scene cleanup, fuel spills, to environmental hazards and viral decontamination. Oh, let's not forget the popular bat and bird fecal matter in thick layers and years old.

These Technicians should be wearing a red cape on their back with all the situations they need to handle. Not only do they respond 24 hours a day and many times in the middle of the night but they often perform their duties under extreme weather conditions, in full body protection and wearing respirators or other breathing apparatus.

Some of these situation require Technicians to work in confined spaces, containment areas or working from heights that will make the toughest person queasy. All Technicians must pass a physical and pulmonary function test to be sure their bodies are capable of handling the physical stress of the working conditions.

Our technicians will manage buildings with no power, requiring them to carry heavy equipment and materials up many stories or long distances. Oftentimes the clients they service are under stress from the situation, frantic and the scenes are chaotic.

On large building floods, PBI Technicians must perform days of hands-on demolition, water extraction and temporary electrical setup. The desiccant drying equipment we use is very big, heavy and requires trucks to move on and offsite. These technicians also install and disassemble all the very large temporary ductwork in order to dry down a building.

If that's not demanding enough, this special breed of person needs to have a working knowledge of commercial construction including electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. They must also be able to communicate with risk managers, property managers, building owners and sometimes even CEO's.

Due to restrictions with government buildings and military facilities, all these Technicians must pass background checks and keep their noses clean.

A few weeks out of the year, the workload for PBI is calm and the hours are normal. The rest of the time, our Technicians experience substantial workloads. Weekend and evening hours are common and someone is always assisting clients over the holidays.

It's almost a weekly occurrence at PBI to receive an email or a phone call from a client just to say "thank you" for our Technicians for doing an outstanding job. Most organizations in our industry require Account Managers to maintain relationships. At PBI, our Restoration Technicians provide such exceptional service and that in itself maintains the majority of our relationships.

As President of PBI, I'd like to offer a big Thank You to all our Technicians who work so hard under such demanding situations. If it were not for them, this ugly business would be excruciating.

Mike Popowski is President of PBI Restorations.