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Structural Cleaning

Whenever a fire or flood occurs, there is a risk of contamination and odor from soot, chemical and microbial residues. PBI excels in structure and contents cleaning. Our professional processes will clean, restore and eliminate contamination and odors.Our structure and contents cleaning services are used in a variety of settings, from small businesses to large commercial projects. Our services in this area are as follow:

Structure Cleaning

  1. Odor Remediation: we offer building pressurization and HEPA filtration to control odors
  2. Alternative Techniques: we offer a variety of cleaning and deodorization methods, from innovative techniques such as cryoblasting and soda blasting to simple hand cleaning and pressure washing

Contents Cleaning

We provide an array of content cleaning services, along with a complete inventory of all contents, to insure that the details are taken care of, including:

  1. Protection and Storage – this includes professional wrapping, boxing, packing, removal and storage of all contents at our secure temperature-controlled facility
  2. Cleaning and Refurbishing – this includes cleaning & dry cleaning of carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, fine art and antiques. We can also refinish furniture
  3. Specialized Services – this includes specialized cleaning techniques of ultrasonic cleaning and ozone odor neutralization