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Whatever It Takes

When a potential new hire asks me for a job description, my answer is usually, “Whatever it takes.” It’s probably not the answer they expect, but it makes our approach very clear. PBI wants people who will do whatever is necessary to restore our clients' properties and get them back in business as quickly as possible. Period.

One of the neighbors of our corporate headquarters is a company that provides thousands of summer jobs for communities, neighborhoods, country clubs, apartment complexes and so forth. It’s obviously seasonal work, and the pay is only minimum wage. Many of the young people they employ are high school and college kids and even youth from Europe on temporary work visas.

One day a new hire arrived on his first day of work on an older bicycle. While this in itself might not have been unusual, the bike was loaded down with travel bags, duffle bags and clothing which of course piqued everyone’s interest. Later on, everyone had learned that this young man had ridden this crappy bicycle from New York to Maryland to start this summer job.

This young man just recently landed in the U.S.A, didn’t know anyone, no place to live, hardly any money and all his possessions were strapped to an older bicycle.  The bike was his only way to get to Maryland from New York so he did what he had to do.

Crazy? Inspired? Dedicated? You could make a case for any of those, but one thing’s for sure: that was a young man willing to do whatever it takes and I truly admire him for it! 

Mike Popowski is President of PBI Restorations. Reach him at