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Be Accessible

I understand why many people want to keep their cell phone numbers, direct lines and email information private. I don’t understand why those of us who rely on our phones to ring for business would make it difficult for their potential clients to contact us.

Most savvy businesspeople list their cell phone, direct office phone and email address on their business cards, email signatures, website and voicemails. Frequently I’ll read an email and want to respond immediately by phone. It’s great to scroll down to the email signature for quick reference to a phone number.  Nothing is more frustrating on a busy work day than having to dig around for someone’s contact information.

Yes, that openness with your contact information will be abused by salespeople and used by clients who circumvent our processes from time to time.  I get those calls and I deal with them politely and move on.  Salesmen will never call back when I’m up front with them and a client is usually grateful for being able to reach me with ease.

While it’s not always convenient, it’s a small and necessary price to pay for being accessible. Especially in our business when clients need to contact us in the middle of the night, on a weekend or holiday. If our clients can’t reach me easily, then we’re not providing the service they need and expect.

In our business being accessible is the key to our success.  Increasing that accessibility is our goal, so check in next month for a glimpse of what that will look like when we roll out our new phone app…

Michael Popowski is President of PBI Restorations.  He really is accessible at