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30 Years Later

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As noted last month, it’s been such a busy start to 2018 that time to reflect is in short supply. But February marked 30 years of operations for PBI Restorations, so a little reflection is in order.

In the mid-1980s, my brothers and I started out in business by purchasing and rehabbing properties in Baltimore neighborhoods like Fells Point, Federal Hill and Butchers Hill. At the time those efforts were in the forefront of community redevelopment.

Word got around, and when a Patterson Park property owner suffered a catastrophic fire in 1987, he called on us to rebuild so he could return to the neighborhood he loved. He was thrilled with the results, and we found our new calling … restoring damaged properties.

Popowski Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1988 for the sole purpose of restoring properties damaged by fire, flood, storm or other disasters. Fifteen years later, Popowski Brothers became PBI Restoration Resources and the rest really is history.

It’s humbling to consider all the changes over those three decades: from my brothers and me to a staff of more than 30; from that single row house to a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of Maryland and Washington, DC institutions; from local Baltimore origins to a regional presence with physical locations in Baltimore, DC and Northern Virginia.

The technological changes have been dizzying also. I still remember pencil-and-paper estimating, but now we use industry-standard software for that, and of course all of us now have more computing power in our pockets than we had in our desktop computers back then. The technology on the jobsite has changed in amazing ways too, from measuring with lasers to the sophisticated equipment we use to measure moisture and remediate mold.

What hasn’t changed is this: every single day we owe our success to the dedicated people who wear those PBI shirts on jobsites, to the office staff that keeps everything running smoothly, and of course to the clients who place their faith in us year after year. We’re humbled and grateful.

To our clients, our amazing employees and all who’ve figured into the PBI story these past 30 years, thank you. Here’s to the next three decades.

Mike Popowski is President of PBI Restorations. Reach him at